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Race for Reconciliation

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We want to be one of the most positive, unifying voices and movements on racial reconciliation in the world. Our races (1 mile and 5k’s) are entry-level opportunities for every person to participate and have their mind and heart moved to action.

Our future depends on our ability to redeem the value of every human life. Inequality has oppressed people and divided our country far too long. We’re long overdue for healing from the past, honor in the present, and hope for the future.

Ultimately, every vision is a solution to a problem. We must keep this vision front and center by inspiring people to replace inequality with equality. When we are united, all things are possible. Unity of vision put a man on the moon. Now it is time for unity of vision to put men and women of all races on the firm ground of equality.

  • Inspire people to prove love works.
  • Build a movement of unity.
  • Partner together to educate and elevate all people.


Race for Reconciliation is many things, including a set of targeted events that will bring together people of diversity and key influencers to be difference makers for the cause of equality and unity. The races and additional platforms created by Race for Reconciliation will partner with local nonprofits to lift people above their circumstances and launch them into their life purpose.

Our mission is simply to Race for Reconciliation.


When it comes to inequality, the negative voice unfortunately is often the loudest voice. We sadly live in a world where inequality and disadvantage not only still exist, but also are overlooked and neglected by many.

However, our position is that of a positive voice. A voice that patiently listens, seeks to understand, and represents kindness. A voice that compliments instead of criticizes. A voice that is proactive instead of passive.

Imagine the possibilities when our differences represent our strengths, not our weaknesses. What’s possible when we are unified and truly liberated? What hangs in the balance of our decision to prove love works?

Our position is to leverage all platforms and partners to educate and elevate all people.


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Recent donors
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